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With our artisans we stand

We are building a community of artisans and connecting them to a marketplace that values quality and positive impact. We promote fair wages, independent workers, and the art of Made in Italy, with an emphasis on sustainable, slow fashion. We partner with small laboratories or individuals that make clothes in their preferred work environments and at their own speed, producing every item with great care and detail.


We believe in a movement of making things with purpose and consciousness at every step of the way, with a people first approach. Every Italian Collective shirt is individually cut and sewn by a highly skilled artisan. Today, our artisan network is mainly located in the region of Umbria, in the heart of Italy. 

All shirts are always made from scratch using a selection of high quality fabrics weaved in Italy using natural fibers such as cottons, silks and linen. Most products come with a lining in the front. All products are stitched with an English seam, and feature high quality Australian mother of pearl buttons and handmade button-holes.


About Us

Micaela Malingri had been working in the fashion industry in Italy and the USA for over 20 years, when she realized something was missing. There was a gap in the market for quality, handmade apparel that focused on women and their unique shapes and sizes.

In August of 2015, Micaela, along with her two daughters, Nina and Lola, incorporated the Italian Collective Inc. with a goal to make better, and better fitting, clothes for women. Micaela, Nina and Lola moved from Italy to California in 1999. Since then, they have been living a bi-continental life, with frequent visits to Italy. 



Born and raised in Milano Italy, Micaela directed her career towards the booming fashion industry in the late '80s. Her  years of professional legacy in Italy spans from fashion editorials, advertising campaigns, to commercials and merchandise catalogs. In 1999 she moved to San Francisco, where she continued her activity. 
Micaela has a passion for all forms of visual expression, especially if the subject is people, children or art trends. She is a born traveler, a team player, and a very hard working mother of three. 




After transitioning to Californian life at a young age, Lola went on to UCLA to study Psychology. Upon graduating, she joined a boutique PR firm, and then continued on to build her career in marketing and advertising technology.

Having grown up on set with a mother stylist and father fashion photographer, Lola is passionate about photography, imaging and communications. She plans to grow #thewayICthings project and continue to find women who believe in quality over quantity. 


NINA, Head of Creative

After completing her B.A. in Architectural Studies at UCLA, Nina got a Master of Science in Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design. 

After working in design at Teague, GE Digital, and CapitalOne, Nina started a new chapter within User Experience at Uber. Nina lives and breathes design, branding, imaging, and user experience.