The IC Classic IMG_6901.jpg

The IC Classic

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The IC Polo DSC08156.jpg

The IC Polo

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The Super Slim IC Classic 11.jpg

The Super Slim

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The Lola Top DSC07973 (1).jpg

The Lola Top

The Ruffled DSC07863.jpg

The Ruffled

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The Bowie DSC08465.jpg

The Bowie

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The Bow DSC08586.jpg

The Bow

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The Mandarina DSC08185.jpg

The Mandarina

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The Alisa DSC07806 (1).jpg

The Alisa

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The Mary DSC08299 (1).jpg

The Mary

The Nina DSC08662.jpg

The Nina

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The Austin Austin 1.jpg

The Austin

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The Vivienne 18236642_10212864738551538_1003135352_o.jpg

The Vivienne

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The Coreana Coreana 2 2.jpg

The Coreana

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The Chiara DSC_7457_dettaglio 1.jpg

The Chiara

The Joy DSC_7552_original in LD.jpg

The Joy

The Lynne DSC_7478.jpg

The Lynne

The Geena ALE_2480.jpg

The Geena

The Lola Shirt Dress DSC_7561_original in LD.jpg

The Lola Shirt Dress

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The Tunic DSC_7484_dettaglio.jpg

The Tunic

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The Coreana Shirt Dress ALE_3471.jpg

The Coreana Shirt Dress

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The IC Classic Shirt Dress ALE_3334.jpg

The IC Classic Shirt Dress

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The Viola Dress ALE_3311 2.jpg

The Viola Dress

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The Apron Dress ALE_3442.jpg

The Apron Dress

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The Romance Dress ALE_3549.jpg

The Romance Dress

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The Night Night DSC_7567.jpg

The Night Night

The Nina's Cufflinks DSC_7586.jpg

The Nina's Cufflinks

Laudomia Piccolomini Jewelry Cufflinks Gold Gemelli Look Book.jpg

Laudomia Piccolomini Jewelry Cufflinks Gold

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